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Wishing me Dead

1st March 2012

I have been working hard to convince clients to ‘wish me dead,’ over the past few months. This usually gets a few jaws to drop and the obligatory ‘are you mad?’ comments.

I don’t have a death wish as I love life, it’s because I love life that I do this job and it would be wonderful if people loved life a little more too.

Yet powerful irrational beliefs can ruin and hold a person back from living the life they deserve. Some people are caught in a trap where they believe their thoughts can effect the universe around them. The believe that their negative thoughts will come back and haunt them with karma, bad luck or something harmful. The reality is of course they won’t but yet the belief can seem so real. They are usually fuelled by religion, spirituality or new age nonsense which fuels superstitious fears. It really is easy to say that these beliefs are not harmful, but tell that to my clients who live in fear of them being real.

Books like The Secret by Rhonda Byrne or The Abraham Series by the Hicks are often a common link to why people believe their thoughts will manifest something. These brilliantly marketed books made the authors a fortune and they will keep on adding more secrets and more laws for people to follow as the dangling carrot promises to make their lives what they want it to be. Avoids these sorts of books at all costs, if you want to develop a better attitude and more positive outlook you can do it without this sort of hocus pocus.

After overcoming all the objections they may have and then getting the client to ‘wish me dead’ they soon start to realise they don’t have to have these sorts of powers they think they do. If we really could wish people harm and make it happen then people in the public eye would seriously be in trouble and Dictators would be dead in seconds with millions wishing them gone. The Government would have an assassination department with people just sat there wishing people dead, forget MI5 and spies! There is no evidence for mind power like this despite what some people will try to convince you and maybe it is time for you to try it yourself.



‘Could you wish me dead?’

Nothing will happen, even if you mean it or not, it will make no difference to my life at all.

Can you also stop your superstitious rituals? I mean who decides what is bad or good luck and who fulfils this for you. If your forgot to touch wood then who is tut tutting and making you pay for that?

Whilst some people say they are harmless fun, you can see the anxiety in their eyes when you test that theory. The ‘WHAT IF?’ scenario plays out in their mind as they then think if I did die or they got some bad luck, that they were somehow responsible. This is not a healthy way to think at all and shouldn’t be encouraged. Over time these beliefs can rule a persons mind and OCD like rituals can develop due to their magical thinking thought patterns. Experiments are the only way to realise that nothing will happen and even if by fluke it does it is nothing to do with you. YOU ARE NOT THAT IMPORTANT. YOU ARE NOT A GOD or GODDESS AND DO NOT HAVE SUPER POWERS WHICH CAN INFLUENCE THE WORLD LIKE THAT. WHAT HAPPENS IN THE WORLD IS NOT ABOUT YOU. This can create a huge release of tension and feelings of relief.

Once clients realise they are not that powerful, that important, and what happens is not about them, they can come back to reality and work towards being calmer, relaxed and happier person.

Stop the superstitious rituals, challenge your beliefs and know that thoughts are just thoughts no matter how dark, weird or wonderful.

Laugh with and at yourself.

Life is too short not to.


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