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Do you want to feel more Motivated?

23rd August 2016

“ I feel guilty if I sit down and do nothing,” is something quite a few clients tell me as they struggle with various forms of relaxing.

Yet sitting down and relaxing is one of the most productive things we can do as it recharges our batteries. Without mental and physical energy we can overly procrastinate to try and conserve some for survival reasons.  We should have always have some stored energy for any unexpected needed fight or flight responses. Without recharging we can lack confidence, clarity, focus and motivation to be invest in life and be productive where it matters. Anxiety and depression can also set in from the consequences of energy mismanagement so you cannot afford to be complacent with it.

Why am I so tired?

It’s amazing how many people think that after mismanaging and spending energy all day they should have enough for the gym or other activities which require you to feel motivated to do them. That ain’t gonna happen! Your lovely brain will simply try and trick you into sitting down and using excuses to put off spending energy you haven’t got. One of the best ones up it’s sleeve is to use menial tasks as a way of making you feel less guilty because at least you got something important done…

Watching television is relaxing right?

It would be if people tried just looking at one screen at a time to cram even more of life into the evening. How many of us are tempted to access work or social life through screens and spend more mind energy surfing, answering emails whilst trying to binge on a box set or two. This over stimulation is adding pressure and stress to the brain creating anger and anxiety issues fuelled by guilt and frustration from this repetitive pattern that can take over your life and drain the fun from it. You know deep down life was not meant to be like this.

All areas of life suffer when it comes to energy mismanagement, you wouldn’t let your smartphone drop below a certain percentage because you need it to function efficiently. You are the same and some simple changes can make all the difference.

It’s amazing how different life feels when refreshed and energised!

Top Tips

Assess your sleep and get into regular pattern of good nights sleep

Assess your lifestyle including your intake of junk food, caffeine and alcohol

Hydration cannot be underestimated.

Slow down your daily and living pace.

Learn the best bits of mindfulness and where to put your attention.

Assess your free time, what feels good to do and what seems to drain you?  What’s your guilty pleasure?

Restart hobbies, socialising, creativity, fun stuff, play and exercise to get your brain chemistry working to give you energy.

Work life balance is usually a big culprit here, take those breaks, leave that desk and use your commute time more often for something you enjoy instead of catching up on work.

Put down the second screens if taking some time to catch up on tv. You are not missing anything and allow your brain to focus on one thing at a time instead of over stimulating it.

Work on conscious or unconscious rules you may have been programmed with to make each moment productive. If you don’t value relaxing and recharging then you won’t find time to do it. You are no good to anyone doing things with little or no energy and definitely no good if you burn yourself out.

Diaphragmatic breathing throughout your day takes pressure off your brain and reduces energy expenditure.

It’s quite simple really, sort out your energy use more often or don’t. There are plenty of people who will simply take from you any future possibilities that you were too tired or anxious to go for.  If you need some help then please contact me.

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