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Turn me Off

2nd July 2015

The constant stream of intrusive negative thoughts from an over active mind not only feels exhausting it can make you feel like you are going mad too. Distraction doesn’t work, challenging the thoughts is too tiring and trying to get rid of them seems to make them even worse.

I remember what that was like, I would have paid anything for someone to switch my mind off so I could just get some peace and quiet and also a good night’s sleep.  There is no way to switch the mind off (except for death which seems a tad extreme really) but there are ways to slow things down the mind and get the peace you long for.

Here’s a few tips to help start you off:

Centre yourself with diaphragmatic breathing (breathing down to the stomach) as shallow breathing to the top part of the lungs keeps your nervous system on edge.

Cut down on indulgent screen time which fills your mind with junk news and useless information from the television and social media sources.  We are bombarded with useless information which over stimulates the mind and can stress you out.

Cut down on sugar, caffeine, alcohol, drugs and high processed foods which causes your body to become stressed from having to deal with being overstimulated.

Get outside and enjoy some time away from crowds, finding a source of nature to be around is a great if possible.

Exercise and find some fun things to do which make you laugh!

Find some “me time” whatever that means to you, make that happen as you are no good to anyone else being full of stress.

Destress in warm water, it has a powerful effect on helping the body calm down.

Eat healthier foods for a treat, your body deserves some tasty foods with good nutritional value. A healthy gut really does help towards a healthier mind.

Move your attention from inside your head to something more important out here in reality. Where we place our attention will determine how we feel and worrying about “What if’s” is mostly a waste a time and feels awful.

Lastly learn some mind management skills, deal with any old destructive patterns of behaviour and get better at handling stress. Therapists can help you with that and life is simply too short not to invest in something you can use for the rest of your life.

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