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Top Ten Self Worth Destroyers

26th July 2011

Top Ten Self Worth Destroyers

  1. Believing you are the negatives from your past
  2. Creating a false negative future about yourself and believing it to be true
  3. Picking and nagging at yourself or others
  4. Being in a negative relationship which enforces the idea that there is something wrong with you
  5. Believing there is something wrong with you
  6. Being rejected by the people you are trying to force into believing your version of reality
  7. Being who others expect you to be and not being who you want to be
  8. Masking the pain of the past with unhealthy habits
  9. Fighting yourself and the people around you
  10. Not getting help

Self worth or self esteem is vital for our wellbeing as it affects how we interact with people, our confidence and how we see and feel about ourselves.  Help is available to create change in this area. Contact The Life Doctor – for sessions in Brighton and Hove or online via Skype.

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