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Why Aren’t We Happier?

03 Nov 2018

With our living standards in general never being better I am often asked; why is it that mental health issues are now so common and ... read more

Anxiety Therapy – Brighton and Hove


The Anxiety Program

My online or in person in Brighton and Hove anxiety program can help you from the first session to:

Stop and manage panic attacks.

Increase your confidence in situations you may feel anxious.

Change negative thoughts.

Retrain your brain to be stronger and more positive.

Be less reactive and much more proactive.

Start to make the most of your life instead of letting it drift by.

What Therapies?

My anxiety program uses an Intuitive blend of the latest techniques, strategies and therapy from Integrative Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP), Life Coaching, CBT, ACT, Psychology, Mindfulness, Anxiety Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Anxiety Cognitive Therapy and IEMT.   

More details of the therapies I work with can be found here.

Personal Program

From experience it’s clear clients are unique and require a personalised approach to dealing with and managing anxiety issues. Hence why I use a blend of therapies to see what really works best for you.

Not only do we work on reducing your anxiety, you will learn how to do this yourself so you can keep up the progress.  The more confident you become with the tools I give you, the less I am needed, which is the best news I can hear from a client.


Firstly, I wouldn’t have been able to write a review before meeting Paul as I lacked confidence in myself but look, here I am now!

I highly recommend seeing Paul, he is an open, caring, funny and calming person to be around. His methods are life changing, I never thought I would ever achieve the things I have. All it takes is that 30-minute consultation with him to see for yourself, so please do it!

Are you or someone you know suffering from?

Social anxiety


Fear of public speaking

A negative out look on life

Health anxiety



Relationship fears

Sexual performance

Unwanted habits like smoking, nail biting and food issues.

Sports performance

Creative blocks

Anxiety is not always overwhelming and over powering. It can be really subtle with avoidance strategies such as procrastination too.

If you would like help with any anxiety issues then please click here or fill out the form at the bottom of this page. 


My Own Anxiety Story

I really do know how anxiety can affect your quality of life. I was a sufferer for many years and it was the motivation to become a therapist and for the work I do now. The tools I will teach you are not only tried and tested by myself they are continually out to the test by my clients and they do work.   If  you are treated the right way, anxiety is something you can quickly begin to take control of and begin to feel more relaxed and confident.  I feel very lucky to have a program which changes the lives of the people I work with so quickly.

Anxiety can happen to anyone and it doesn’t discriminate. It can be as subtle as procrastinating in life to the tiring trying to be too controlling of your environment or as extreme as a panic attack.  The main thing is that you are seeking help, whether it is with me or someone else, keep that going.

It’s a very pro-active program which can help you work with anxiety issues in a healthier and more effective way.  My Anxiety Therapy sessions are available online or in my Brighton and Hove office. Contact me here to find out more.


What is Anxiety?

Anxiety = the freeze, fight or flight response kicking in to help guide you through life

Anxiety disorders  = Feeling tense, fearful and worrying from an over-alert, strained and “injured” limbic and nervous system.

The Brain Bit

Your limbic system which includes the amygdala is known as the part of the brain which forms your survival and emotional centre.  If your limbic system thinks you are in danger emotionally or physically or it is inflamed and struggling from too much pressure, trauma, lifestyle choices, illness or long periods of stress it can create an injury which results in feeling anxious, overly aware and too self-conscious.

Neuroscience is leading the way in proving anxiety and depression are physical injuries and not just a state of mind which can be changed by thinking differently.


Chemistry Struggle

The injury causes the limbic system to struggle with the chemistry which helps you feel more motivated, relaxed and confident and these are dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. Without these, in balance, the world can seem much darker and frightening than it is and can make you feel anxious, depressed, low in confidence and self-esteem.

Prolonged anxiety can lead to depression so it really is worth getting help as soon as you can.


Physio for the Brain

Treating the injury is incredibly easy to learn and it’s such simple stuff too helps change your brain patterns for you to feel naturally more confident and relaxed with life.

This is just like having physio for the brain which I believe is the most effective way to deal with a physical injury such as anxiety or depression.  You wouldn’t think your way out of a strained muscle so why would you try to that with a brain injury?

All the information you need is sent to you so you can practise what you learn to heal and take control of your anxiety.


Call me to discuss how you feel and to arrange your free consultation for help with anxiety in Brighton & Hove or on Skype or FaceTime for sessions online.

Anxiety Therapy and Coaching sessions are available online and in person at my Brighton and Hove office. If you would like a free first consultation or have any questions then please contact me here.



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