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Intuition Tuning Part 2 Mental Fitness Episode Seven

22 Feb 2019

Part 2 of how to tune into your emotions and feelings for a more intuitive approach to living life.Download podcast

Anger Management Therapy and Coaching – Brighton and Hove.

Take back control over your anger in as little as one session.

It’s often a mystery to some clients why they have such an angry self-sabotaging set of behaviours. Of course they don’t want to hurt others or ruin their own lives but it just seems to be happening and they feel powerless to stop it.

I will teach you to:

Take back control and reverse your fight or flight response which causes angry outbursts and behaviours.

Bring out that self-sabotaging part of you so it can be worked with and transformed into the person you enjoy being the most.

Reduce stress and anxiety so you feel more proactive and in control than reactive.

Retrain your brain for more helpful and positive behaviours which will improve your quality of life.

Reduce and heal any shame, guilt or past issues so you can focus on being more yourself as you go forward in life.

Raise your self-esteem and confidence levels.

My anger management program has been designed to help you get back the control you need to reduce that pressure and risk of overreacting.  It takes a brave person to admit they need help and contact me, though your mind may try to trick you into seeing it as a weakness.

My program is incredibly simple but effective.  Together using a mix of science, psychology, hypnosis, mindfulness, coaching, proactive counselling, NLP and strategies we can explore what will work for you in gaining the control you need to be able to change your mind to change your life.

Anger Management Therapy and Coaching sessions available online and in person at my office in Brighton and Hove.  If you would like to book a free first consultation or have any questions then please contact me here.



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