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The Risk

30th January 2012

It was a risk worth taking but I thought I would take a chance and post the most grossest article I could about dietry behaviour.  The response was mixed but I am glad I took the risk as some people have said that the Shit Diet article opened their eyes to food in a whole new way.  Yes I heard some people were disgusted and even called my professionalism into question and others couldn’t look at the attached picture of what appeared to be either chocolate or shit on the tongue of someone’s mouth.  The article in my view simply creates a negative connection with a diet out of balance in brown or beige foods, it encourages the use of more colour to be added to a diet.  The feedback from those it hit hard was really good to hear with emails saying how true it was, a couple of people asked me to do the same with smoking too, which is in the works. Sometimes people need a different approach and this down to earth and gross tactic worked well for some people, with that in mind I know I can write articles which will have the intended affect.  After all, how rubbish would it be to worry about upsetting a few people if I knew that some people would benefit from me taking a risk?  Here is the original article if you wish to have a read.  (just don’t eat chocolate at the same time….) Click here