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The Power of You

29th May 2013

At the centre of you is one heck of a powerful person.

Clear and focused,

Relaxed and calm,

Resilient and resourceful,

Confident and strong,

Able to see the bigger picture,

Opportunistic and able to see the potential in what is happening around you and so much more.

Many of you will say “yeah right, I wish!” but the bottom line is that this is the truth.  At your core you are simply amazing, but what’s muddying the waters are the thoughts you have about yourself and life.  These thoughts are your problem as they dictate how you see and experience the world.

Two people in what appears to be the same negative situation can have completely different experiences simply down to how they think about it, one can see it as a blessing and another could hate it with a vengeance.  Who’s right?  Neither really as “the world I see is all made up, the world is simply what I think it is.”  It’s what works that makes the difference.  To prove my point I had a client write down how they saw my office whilst I did the same and of course the differences were very apparent.  Reality is created by how we think about it,  yes the room is there and is real but the version of it we experience is down to how we think about it.

“But I hate my situation,” one woman said to me about her work colleague issues.

“Is the situation the problem or are your thoughts about the situation the problem?”  I asked.

“Err both?” She answered eventually.

“Well the work situation is happening, but what is your problem?”  I asked back.

“I feel rejected and not good enough,” she replied sadly, then added with a smile “So it is my thoughts about it then!”

“If you saw those thoughts of rejection and not being good enough as just a story the mind is coming up with an option for you to explore, what would be different for you?”

My client began listing her core feelings of being calmer, relaxed and more confident in finding away to see and change the situation as she now had choice.  She was beginning through our work together to see that the problem was her thoughts about life which she automatically believed and reacted to, now she didn’t have to.

That’s the power you have too, it’s just learning it so you can begin to see and feel differently about yourself and the world around you.  It just takes one thought to change everything you experiencing in that moment. You are only one thought away from a different experience of being alive.

The process of this beginning is simpler than you think too.

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