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The Power of Yes

24th August 2012

The word NO has quite a devastating effect on the mind.  (Apologies for what reading this word has done to you).  This powerful word when spoken, thought about or read releases dozens of stress producing chemicals in the brain which effect the effectiveness and rationality of the brain.

So is it little wonder that many people fail in changing their lives by using the word NO to try and stop themselves thinking or doing things which are holding back their lives? NO feels quite horrible to have to say doesn’t it?

For example.  Trying to say NO to cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, comfort food or other bad habits could for some people just make their minds more likely to fail.  They then feel really bad about themselves and think they have no self control, the inner critic then goes crazy telling them how rubbish they are. This is a horrible cycle to get caught up in as it’s draining, a struggle and erodes self esteem.

If the word NO produces such a terrible effect then why are we trying to use it to stop what we need to change?

What is the alternative?

The answer is YES.

Saying YES produces  a rush of endorphins which are the feel good chemicals which help your mind function healthily and properly.  The word YES propels the motivational centres of the brain into action which is quite handy when you want to make important changes and keep them going.

Here’s some examples of what you could do instead:

I say YES to being healthier

I say YES to going to the gym

I say YES to being more motivated

I say YES to being smoke free

I say YES to being more confident

I say YES to life

I say YES to being sober

I say YES to having a clear mind

I Say YES to being calmer, more peaceful and relaxed


More importantly say YES to being the person you enjoy being the most and start making those changes right now.


Saying NO makes people feel bad, when just by changing the way they think about the situation they could be feeling good by saying YES to what they want instead.


Life’s too short not to.

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