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The Most Important Lesson

31st October 2011

Wouldn’t it be good when you were at young and in school that after maths and before english there was a class showing you how to handle your emotions especially in those tough times. The teacher would encourage you to recognise your inner strengths and nurture them so they grow a bit more each day as you explore yourself and life.


I wonder if the syllabus would be something like this:

The limbic system exploration of why this emotional and survival centre makes life very hard when it’s over active.

The irrational and exhausted mind – how to build your energy and clarity back to full strength.

Why suppressing emotions just makes things worse.

Paradox of control, being more in control by letting go of trying to control.

Embodiment classes to work with and explore the body, mind connection.

Master techniques to accept all emotional states no matter how uncomfortable they may feel.

Promise to be honest – explore through a written essay on what honesty really means.

Why personal bias feels honest but it’s not.

Lecture on why criticism is dishonest and shallow and why it is important is being truly honesty to end all criticism.

Criticising others and the defensive mind – how to focus on being truly honest through encouragement and praise.

The Perfectionist – A visit from a former CEO of a blue chip company who is now burnt out and suffering from exhaustion due to constant criticism and being hard on himself to make his career a success. Projector needed to show pictures of his family who he lost due to work life balance and what the health consequences are.

How to work with people who are in defensive mode and help them open up and reverse their behaviour from reactive to proactive.

Ending the cycle of limitations by dealing with unhelpful conditioning from parents, teachers, religion and society.

Empowerment of the mind through suggestion and self hypnosis.


If I had children, I would love them to go to classes like this. I think it’s a sign on an out of balanced world that we do not take the time to help our young manage how they feel. We all have been left to work it out for ourselves by bumbling a long and hoping for the best. Life’s random as it is and we have no idea what will happen to us a long the way, having the tools and the confidence to be able to manage our emotions with what happens is invaluable. It’s crazy we are not equipped with what we need.


It’s not anyones fault they are experiencing emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, stress or anger issues and have trouble dealing with them. Society blames people for not being on control and doing stupid things but the part of the mind responsible is designed to be irrational so how can it be their fault? Yet their critic often arises and they put themselves down and this is fed by people who do the same to them too. No wonder people often have such low opinions of themselves with this going on.


Time to end the cycle, whilst there might not be any classes like this at school. There are people who are admitting they need help to manage their emotions and life better. They are coming to seek advice, techniques and empowerment through mind coaching with various therapies. This is not a sign of weakness, this is a sign of strength and if only more people had access or thought about going for help.


It’s simply the best investment you will ever make.


Life’s too short for a mind held back unhelpful conditioning, it’s also too short to settle for a life where you hope your issues will change all by themselves, they won’t. Wherever you are in the world seek help. I offer sessions online and in person and I hope through working with me that you realise just how powerful you really are and just what you can do with that power.


The Life Doctor can see you for one to one sessions online or in my office based in Hove in East Sussex. UK.


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