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The False Spiritual Self

3rd June 2011

This is going to sound a little generalised and I am sure some readers will point that out but with exceptions to every rule in mind I still want to bring this subject up.

Is modern spirituality a distraction from the authentic self and from reality?

I ask this because as someone who has worked within the spiritual community for many years I began to notice a pattern about what type of people modern spirituality tends to attract.  Like a magnet it tends to attract people who have had a tough time in life, maybe they have been bullied, abused, made to feel worthless, are ashamed of their past and feel flawed in some way.  Lots of new age spiritual people class themselves as outcasts of society as they didn’t fit in and turned towards a belief system which promoted being non judgmental and free to be who they wish to be.

Modern spirituality which does include new age aspects promises so much with it’s positive outlook, supernatural powers, connection to energies, the earth and magical realms. It promises being unlimited, infinite, immortality, answers to the mysteries of life, healing and more importantly for these people, it promises a better life with more control.  It looks deep, open and welcoming to all and yet when many enter they find that all is not as well as it should be.

The spiritual world attracts people who have been deeply hurt and made to feel bad about themselves, their self esteem is often very low and this is easily manipulated and preyed upon by various Teachers and Gurus, most of which are in the same boat by the way and some just want power.

So we end up with community of damaged people mostly all seeking to help each other out but avoiding the one crucial thing they all need, it is tough to face and the distraction of spirituality with its magic, myths, legends and promises gloss over what needs to happen.

Before I go into that, if you take a look at most spiritual communities, underneath the facade of big smiles, hugs and chants is often pain and misery they hope their spirituality will heal at some point.  If they are lucky, it might but most tend to follow the path of others in the hope someone else’s healing will do the same for them.  Mostly….it won’t.

So what is missing from modern spirituality?


That’s it right there and the evidence for this is overwhelming and sits there like the elephant in the room no-one wants to acknowledge.  (except for atheists who often delight in pointing at it shouting “it’s behind you,” but the spiritual person cannot and does not want to see it) and tells the atheist they are closed minded for pointing out the elephant.

The spiritual world relies on faith for it’s members, this requires no evidence at all but simply the say so of people who make various claims.  Does this sound authentic to you?

The spiritual world has people making impossible promises which they cannot and often will not demonstrate unless on someone who is vulnerable enough to accept their claims.

Sound authentic?

Not one spiritual person on earth has managed to prove to science what they claim and charge people for is legitimate.


They will deny the truth no matter how much evidence points at their beliefs being a lie.


Conspiracies, urban myths, legends, manipulated science are just some of the things which spiritual people are fed to keep their distraction going as the truth and here is why.

Their reality seems to suck, it’s tough, painful and depressing, it makes them anxious to see reality so they would rather escape to an illusionary reality where they create the rules just like the matrix, they are in control.  Anything is better than focusing on the pain, shame and guilt of the past which runs like a program deep within and says “there is something wrong with you.”

An illusionary, false spiritual persona is created often with powers so they feel special and this over compensates for the flaws running deep within.

The problem is where is the happiness?  How can a pain masked by illusion create authentic happiness and joy?  It can’t hence why book after book, workshop after workshop, new teaching after teaching will like a magnet draw this person like a magnet as it keeps them from focusing on their true self and what makes them truly happy.

Until spiritual people acknowledge and work with the pain, shame and guilt within they will always be driven by these things and over compensate by creating the illusion of being spiritual.  They will smile, they will pretend all is well and scarily they will teach others to reach their level which is actually another illusion.

Authenticity comes from the truth and the reality is that spirituality is a distraction from the truth as it just masks and glosses over your authenticity.

Are you really being you?


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