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Stop Smoking Now

31st December 2012

Ok, let’s do this, at present your mind is probably tricking you into believing you can’t stop smoking or at least will find it too difficult to let it go.

Here are the facts:

You could stop smoking right now and never smoke again. The mind though is brilliant at convincing you otherwise with very powerful illusions which feel very real. Like the Walking Dead you fall into a trance and believe them.

You don’t enjoy smoking, anyone who says they do are literally letting their Smoking Zombie speak through them as if they were possessed.

The most powerful way to stop is to show the mind that it is more dangerous to keep the habit, not just a glimpse into a dark future, not just saying “I will die,” but a full on harsh exploration of what you are heading towards. If your mind says “no thanks,” that’s the Smoking Zombie making his voice known.  He is part of a system which is designed to protect you from feeling crap.  In his eyes it’s better to be the Walking Dead as he thinks it’s too hard and too painful to stop.  That’s the biggest lie you are falling for and if you value honesty then it’s time to wake up.  The mind will drop like a hot stone any belief or habit it believes is more dangerous to keep.

So could the rest of this article wake you up?  Why not have a go and see for yourself.  The other option is to stay the Walking Dead possessed by a Smoking Demon and live a much shorter life.  

Could this exercise get you to stop?  Your mind will try to play down the chances of this being you which is hilarious!! The reality is that it is likely to be you and this is what you will go through unless you do something now. I wonder which cigarette you try to smoke will be the one which triggers those cancer cells to do their thing?  Its like Russian Roulette!

It’s best you do this with a pad and paper or laptop and type it out.  I would get a box of tissues handy as possible snot and tears on your keyboard could cause it to develop problems and die.  Write down what you think you would be experiencing from each section below.  Use all senses too, what would you see, hear and feel?


I want you to imagine you are in the hospital waiting for your test results. Your breathing is getting harder, you might be noticing a tightness in the chest as well as what feels like a little pain. Place your hands on your chest and feel the air going into your lungs as you do this, breathe in and out a few times, how does it feel?

Now imagine the worst cases scenarios of what it could be? Write down what would be going through your mind.

In comes a young Dr in a white coat who is carrying your results.  He has the Xray of your lungs.  Feel free to google lung cancer tumours X-rays, they make interesting viewing, have them in front of you as you write down the next part.

The Dr is explaining treatment options for lung cancer and survival rates.  As lung cancer is often diagnosed in it’s later stages it brings down survival rates.  You can check them out here. You are most likely to be stage 3 or 4 too by the time it comes to diagnosis.  Also life’s a bitch when it comes to news like this, as I always keep hearing of people being diagnosed when they have to most to live for.  Retired, new family member, new love, new things in life they are appreciating and loving.

I want you to write down what changes you will have to make in the following areas:


Personal hobbies such as sports etc

Social (friends etc)

Children or pets if you have any or hope to have some

Partner, Wife, Husband or who you hope to end up with one day

Rest of family


Think about what you will lose, what you will have to change below and what your new life will be like for you:

Think about what you will be doing as you visit hospital for treatment, who will have to look after you?

What will you have to give up in the above areas?

How will you survive financially as you no longer can work?

Will you have to go home wherever that is and live with family?  What will that be like?

What will the faces be like of the people you love when you tell them you have cancer?

What will it be like to say goodbye for the last time to each and everyone of them?

How good are you at dealing with feeling ill?

Imagine that thousands of times worse as you deal with all the pain, nausea and vomiting from what you are

going through.

Who will be witnessing all of this?

I have to help people who have seen this with their loved ones, it fucks them up big time, so it is important

you acknowledge the mess you leave behind.  Go through and write about the ones that will suffer for the

rest of their lives what your Smoking Demon convinced you to not stop until too late.

What will your funeral be like and if you were able to be a ghost at it, what will people be saying about your

death and how will they remember you?

Lastly come back to the present moment and now write about how you will be dealing with those illusionary thoughts you don’t have to believe anymore. If not sure,that’s what people like me are for to help you manage your mind better.  Can you click your fingers and wake yourself up when you feel those cravings, can you manage them until they pass?  Are their other tools you can use too such as E-Cigarettes, Patches, Gum etc?


Contact me for more information, if you would like to go through this exercise in person or if you would like any other help.

The reality is that millions stop smoking every year and you could be one of them and be free of the Smoking Demon you no longer need inside of you commanding you obey.

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