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Spirit for Life

17th May 2011

Often I am asked why I frequent spiritual groups to talk and what my version of spirituality I would promote, so here it is.

Spirit for me is defined by energy and attitude towards life.  This is about how we treat ourselves, other people, the planet and what part we want to play as part of humanity.

Life can be tough on this spinning ball of rock and I feel it is hard enough without adding spiritual laws into the mix which go against the human condition and demand ways of thinking and behaving a lot of people simply are not designed to do.  This just creates a hierarchy of spiritual people who claim they know more, are higher and have gifts which under scrutiny do not hold up at all.  If just one person could prove they have the supernatural powers they claim to have then the world would be a very different place.

So for now whilst people make these claims under the banner of spirituality, I say let them go and do that but be a healthy sceptic until they can prove otherwise.

A lot of spirituality is based on  myths, legends,  ignorance and lies which is a shame but thats just the way it is.  The spiritual community who are good people deserve so much more.  They all mostly desire peace, love and freedom at their core and have been manipulated by some devious and some well meaning people who have got caught up in their belief system delusions or they simply know they can make a lot of money from very trusting people who hold being open minded as a high value and are unaware how it is exploited.

I let go of all my spiritual beliefs which are based on hearsay. The focus for me and it’s an enjoyable process is being NOW who I wish to be.  By creating intentions from a list of sparks my spirit/energy into life, what feels good, what I enjoy doing and what I can give back to the world which is my home.  For me this is the most spiritual act of all.  I am not perfect and I get things wrong but compassion and understanding for myself helps me evolve from everything I experience without judgements to hold me back.

I say it it time for the spiritual community to stand up and say no more to the versions of spirituality which is obssessed with death, the afterlife, spirits, God and anything else which is just a theory.  Let them be treated as theories and explored if wished, but in balance with the most important thing we have right NOW.  That is life.  Life is a miracle, we are miracles, forget the myths of how we were created but rejoice in just how brilliant you are biologically.  How your mind works is a mystery but science and the people with passion for knowledge learn more each day.

As I mentioned, life is tough and we are not born equally for the experience of life.  When born, your health, your biology, your parents, your family, culture, country, schooling, religion and experiences will shape what you experience.  There is only so much you can do to control life as we cannot predict what will come our way, we can only grow in the NOW to ensure we are equipped as best as possible to be able to cope with the ups and the downs in our lives.  I can see why people want to control their futures with the Law of Attraction , Karma or any other reward and punishment systems, the lure for something better when times are tough is like a carrot on a stick.

Be free of those beliefs as they will limit and hold you back.  Focus on who you wish to be and start being that person right NOW.  When you slip up, be kind, be gentle and carry on.  We are all here to support you, just ask for help.

This is a brief insight into my version of spirituality.

Saying goodbye to the spiritual circus trap and coming back down to reality and working with spirit and energy to just love life and give some of that back too.


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