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Should I Call?

20th September 2011

A friend contacted me with an intriguing question.

Should I call?

The situation was this: They had been on a date with apparently a wonderful guy who seemed to make it really clear that they were interested in my friend and after what was a great night, promised to call to arrange to meet up again.

The problem was that this was a week a go and they had not called since.  Of course my friend was naturally running through possible excuses as to why they could not have called and was confused as to why in this day and age that they hadn’t managed to.  The excuses ranged from losing their phone to being really ill or dead at the most as they wanted to know why they had been avoided all this time. They asked me if they should call and try and arrange something or make an excuse to phone for a chat.

I said not to bother as this guy was simply not that interested, hence not making any effort to get back in touch.  If they did eventually call, it will because they are lonely and bored and was going to use them as a time killer or a way to get their rocks off if sex was on the cards.  Just move on as it wasn’t personal that they rejected you, they obviously have a subconscious or conscious checklist in their heads and you didn’t tick all the boxes.  It’s about them not you so let them go whilst you enjoy meeting other guys who may be very interested in you and will make the effort to get to know you.

My friend knew this to be true and didn’t want to face that fact as rejection doesn’t feel nice at the best of times but my advice to just move on was just what was needed, life’s simply too short to chase people who are not that interested in you.  


Picture credit Graur Codrin

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