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Sex and the Gym

16th March 2012

Would you like a more healthier sex life?

How many of you know something needs action but are waiting to be in the mood to do something?

An example is sex.

I work with a lot of clients who want to get back into having a healthy sex life but are waiting to be horny. If we all waited for these mysterious moods to fall into place before having sex then we would be about as sexually active as a Nun.

Spontaneity is the key here and just doing it regardless of mood can trigger the body chemistry which takes you into that sexual zone you used to love so much. Instead of internalising excuses why sex isn’t right for right now, focus externally instead on pleasing your partner and just enjoy experimenting from there. Your relationship will be all the better for it.

The same goes for the gym too, it really is just about going without indulging in negative thoughts about why you shouldn’t go. As soon as they appear, focus on your surroundings and just go. Always a good idea to have your gym stuff ready so you can just go without getting caught up in fantasy negative thoughts. Your body will love you for it.

Just do it and see what happens. Though both at the same time might be a bit ambitious….but then again…..


Life is way to short for a sh*t sex life and bad health.

If you find this difficult for any reason then please contact me as I could help you with a range of therapies which include hypnotherapy and NLP at my office in Brighton and Hove or online.


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