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15th September 2014

It seems like we are always being told what to do.

Parents, family and partners

Teachers, bosses and peers

Government, society, culture and religion

Lay down some of rules we feel pressurised into obeying through the voice in our heads.  That inner critic, that inner moralist which not only can put us down with self abuse about the way we look and “not being good enough” but also demands reality fits our way of seeing the world or it gets very angry indeed.

It gets exhausting listening to this voice, in the end we can want it to just switch off, we just want some peace and quiet. After all distraction and multi tasking doesn’t work and no matter how much we juggle to be a better more productive person. The voice inside never seems satisfied as it demands more of us through the power of guilt which is something most of us cannot stand to feel.

No wonder people rebel against all that programming and that voice, no wonder people say f*ck you and over indulge in eating, drinking, smoking, drugs, cheating, sex and not investing in their future as it’s their way of sticking a middle finger to all the influences which has made them feel miserable, imprisoned and alone and shut’s it up for just a little while. Sabotage can run riot and how many of us have laughed at how “naughty” we are as we indulge in bad habits over and over with a devilish grin?

We can enjoy rebelling and feeling naughty so much that it’s easy to feel as if you are becoming boring, growing up or being deprived of fun by letting go of habits which in the long term will come to back to haunt and increasingly ruin your life in the future.

The answer?

Learning some powerful techniques to move your attention away from that voice will help.  After all it’s only a voice using thoughts which are just thoughts to trick you into anger, believing you are not good enough and fighting against yourself and life.

Anchoring your attention to the truth, the present moment, to what is truly important will help create a foundation of change you might not be able to imagine.

Letting go of who you think you are in favour for you who really are will liberate you from the self contained prison which tricks you into being “safer.”

Life’s too short for that sort of continual rebellion and battle for which there can be no winner. It sucks your time and energy away from you and those who don’t have that battle will simply take in life what you were hoping to experience.  

You deserve better no matter what your mind says. 





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