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Reality Bites

8th June 2011

The world is your oyster,  it’s at your feet, live your dreams, you are unlimited, you can have it now,  think positive thoughts and it’s yours and there is nothing you cannot do or be.

Like most people these are some of the things I was told throughout my life to encourage me to have a happy successful life.  I even have told people the same thing in the hope that they will be inspired too but there is a small problem with this and clients showed me the consequences of this positive type of thinking.

It can cause anxiety and depression and here’s why:

We can be hyped up to believe we are better than we are and we can achieve much more than realistically possible.  As we get older some people begin to realise that life is not as they were promised and they don’t have the skills needed to get what they want.  Reality starts to hit home and then the anxiety starts to set in.

It gets worse if they are in jobs which provide financial security but little in the way of  fulfillment and the future looks even more bleak as they often see no way out.

Is reality negative then?  Should we be teaching children to be more realistic when it comes to life and how it can be unfair and hard as well as amazing, inspiring and rewarding?

Personally I think people should be encouraged to go for their dreams and take some risks but they need the confidence and resourcefulness to handle life when it appears to go wrong.  Life is going to have it’s ups and downs and no matter how positive you want to be, there will be times when you feel down due to circumstances, it is learning how to handle that which will count.

Therapy is great way to learn how to handle your emotions and develop the resources that will help you confidently handle your future and develop a great attitude towards it.

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