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Ramblings On The Mind

19th November 2012

Whatever you blame yourself for.

Whatever you feel guilty about.

Whatever you beat yourself up over.

I want you to know something.

It was not your fault.

We don’t have freewill as proclaimed by some.

Your brain evolved the way it has to keep you safer.

Programmed by society, culture, parents and more.

You are not in control of your thoughts.

You are not in control of your feelings.

No matter how much you think you should be

None of us are no matter how we might seem to be.

You do though have to take responsibility for what you think, say and do.

That’s not always fair but that is the way it is.

Fighting your mind for control is a war which cannot be won.

The battle will leave you with a negative view of yourself and your future.

Learn to work with your mind and stop fighting.

Accept all thoughts will happen anyway as you have thousands a day.

You will notice the ones which are important to you.

If negatives are important then that is the filter you will be given.

If something more balanced is more important then the same applies.

You can choose to see the better side to life simply by seeking it out.

Observe those thoughts and choose to act on the useful ones more often.

Accept all feelings as they happen and just breath into them, feeling them transform within.

Life feels much easier when we know we have more choice in what we do next.

Accept your past has happened and look to the future.

A path lies in front of you which is partly of your own making.

To continue your journey you need to walk with yourself in sight.

Don’t ask who am I?  It’s an out of date question

Ask, Who do I want to be?

And be that person a little bit more often

Not tomorrow, choose right now to act like the person you want to be

Exercise small elements of self control and willpower and watch your self esteem rise each day

Remember perfectionism is a stealer of lives and doesn’t exist.

Have a little compassion for your human irrationality, the more you accept the less you fight,  the less you fight the more aware you become.

The more aware you become the more control you will feel you have.

Life feel’s much easier when we feel more confident handling life.

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