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Not Good Enough?

19th February 2015

The reality is quite simple really. If you keep indulging in the tricks of the mind which hold you back from getting what you want in life then someone else will simply come along and take what could have been yours. Apathy, complacency and procrastination are simple but effective techniques your mind will use to get you to avoid taking risks which might result in rejection, shame and embarrassment.  ”I’m not good enough,” is the ultimate trick of the mind we all can fall for and limit ourselves with.

Isn’t it easier to simply put off what you need to do in life until “another day” and obey the mood and thought process tricking you into simple avoidance. Days, weeks and years can go by as you let life drift by waiting for that magical motivational tool to kick you up the ass and get things going. You are losing out, someone who isn’t falling for the tricks of the mind is going to take what could have been yours.

Isn’t it time to wake up and become mindful of how your mind uses distractions, moods and certain thoughts to avoid risk taking? You are so much more than your thoughts, you can have so much more in your life, it just takes some curiosity and determination to practise waking up from the trance of avoidance and start making small steps now. Your future depends on it.

After all the world doesn’t care if you get what you want or not in the one short chance of life you have, you can waste it how you like, it’s only you losing out.

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