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Motivation Perspective

8th July 2013

The Paramedics were doing their best to save someones life on a bus today.  I didn’t stop and gawk at what was happening, I just silently hoped they made it and carried on home.  This was another reminder that we cannot be complacent or apathetic with life.  At any time our lives could change in an instant through health issues, career bombs, death of a loved one or just even ourselves losing our lives or many other life experiences which can roll in unexpectedly.

I live my life with the awareness that no matter how lucky I feel I am right now, this could all change in an instant. I don’t live my day as if it’s my last day on earth as that would be exhausting but I do live making sure that if there is anything I want to do or experience then I will work with my mind to explore making it happen.  I don’t avoid thinking of the worst case scenarios, I let them sit there peddling their stories and I watch with interest to see where they will go. They are just stories after all and they can prepare me for anything I need to focus on are avoid if in context.


I do count myself very lucky that I can do that, I am no longer held back by the illusions of fear my mind created and it’s this I love to teach with my clients as they learn to do the same. I don’t live in fear either, I don’t want to give the impression I’m focusing on death and hardship from day to day to motivate me. I simply live with an awareness that change comes very quickly, it’s no point me judging the change as positive or negative either as that can swap about many times in hindsight.  Change is just what it is and I can handle what ever comes as I have nurtured an attitude that says “I will make the most out of what happens to me, I will use what is useful and let go of the rest.”


“Why didn’t I do this years ago?” A client recently asked me when they began to use what we worked on to let go of the fears their mind taunted them with. Life had a whole new meaning now and they were excited by the prospects now available to them. “I suppose you will say I shouldn’t have regrets,” they said trying to preempt my next response.

“On the contrary, regrets can be a powerful motivator, I use them a lot.  The possibility of a future regret can be remind you to just get on with what you want to do in life.  There is no magical mood, motivation tool, or feeling which you can keep tapping into to get things done. You just simply have to remind yourself that waiting around for a mood to get something done will leave you waiting around for a long time. How many people do you know who put off doing something that will bring them amazing experiences simply because they believed the mood which didn’t feel like it?  What motivates me on a daily basis to get certain things done are my beliefs surrounding possible future scenarios which I want and don’t want.  My mind is going to lie a lot to try and stop me, your will too as that’s what minds do. That’s ok as you can work with that and take full advantage.

Funnily enough I’m very tired today and was just going to read on the roof terrace in the sun but despite that “mood” I simply sat down and wrote this instead. I will go on the roof after.  So whatever you are putting off in life, just go do it. If you are held back by obstacles of fear then come see me and let’s get you working with your mind in a healthier way.  You could of course end up a reminder to another generation that life shouldn’t be wasted, so it’s  not all bad is it?

The picture by the way is from holiday trip I have just returned from. It was here that I floated around everyday in the water enjoying every precious moment in the present ,where of course…no problems at all exist…you gotta love mindfulness for that peace of mind. After all I may never get to experience that again. Morbid but true hence making the most of those moments when they were happening.

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