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9th July 2014

Mindfulness is simply switching your awareness from thoughts focusing on the past or future to what is happening in the present moment. You can become mindful in the present about feelings, emotions, thoughts, taste, touch, smell and what you can see and hear.

For me mindfulness is liberating, not only is it incredibly easy to learn from the way I teach it it, but the benefits are invaluable for living this one chance of life that I have.  Mindfulness was the major influence in reducing and managing the anxiety I used to suffer from and I have had the pleasure of watching clients do the same in just a few sessions.

We all have in our minds an inner critic and moralist who when we we feel anxious or stressed feels much stronger than when we are relaxed. Mindfulness helps to let go of being influenced by that voice and it’s fear, demands and criticism. When we are lost in thoughts of the past and future we are in a sort of trance which can take up to 50% of our day being like a zombie living on auto pilot. I don’t want to live like that, not for this one chance of life I have. I want to be awake for most of it, fully experiencing what is happening and being proactive with my options instead of being reactive to my thoughts, as that can lead to some dark places indeed.

Just to add, don’t confuse mindfulness with traditional sit and close your eyes meditation. Whilst meditation is very good for the mind, I find living mindfully no matter what I am doing more often has had the same benefits for me.  I can’t be mindfully present all the time either, I benefit from a wandering mind which skips to the past and future at times. It’s down to being present when it’s important and beneficial for me to do so.

Some main benefits of Mindfulness are:

Anxiety, anger, stress and panic greatly reduced and managed.

Peace from the constant over stimulation of the mind which I feel is responsible for the increase in mental health issues like anxiety, depression, stress and anger many people find themselves experiencing.

Exercises the parts of the brain and creates new pathways in the brain for a more healthier mindset towards life. After all your attitude will determine how you handle what happens to you in life.

Better thought and feeling management for what can feel like a happier and more peaceful life.

The only thing that has ever held me back is a simple thought, a prediction from the mind which felt fearful, being liberated from that is something at times hard to describe.

Letting go of self sabotage which can keep you overweight,  perfectionism, under paid, limited in career, single or in bad relationships.

Reduction and letting go of social phobias, introversion and being around crowds and in public situations.

Reduces anxiety and stress which helps your immune system work more efficiently.  This is great for anyone suffering from ill health on any level.

Depression management.

It promotes the release of chemicals in the brain and body which promotes health and wellbeing. Who wouldn’t want to feel healthier and happier?

Reduces activity in the “worry” circuits of the brain to enable better rationalisation and clarity in decision making processes.

Better pain management skills with higher thresholds noticed in Mindfulness Practitioners.

Sports and fitness performance increase as  the mind is quite brilliant at times in limiting our progress.

Just to point out that Mindfulness despite the benefits is not a magic bullet for life change. I also add a mix of counselling, psychology, science, hypnotherapy and NLP to help clients learn some very powerful Mind Management Skills.  If you would like to find out more then please contact me to have a chat about how I could possibly help you. I teach Mindfulness in my Brighton and Hove office and also online via Skype or Facetime

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