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Mental Health Injury

28th April 2016

“It still hurts,” he said twisting his wrist slightly at me to show me the swelling which had greatly reduced but was still an issue. My friend then went through the list of proactive approaches they had been doing to heal themselves after their fall about a month ago, it really showed their determination to getting back to normal.

I am sure their dedication would pay off but I wished that more people would be as focused, determined and as compassionate as that on healing the injury that was causing their anxiety and depression disorders.

When it comes to anxiety or depression which are often injuries to the parts of the brain which manages emotions, survival and wellbeing most people seem lack any compassion for themselves at all. This is mostly because they simply cannot see it as an injury which needs some care and attention. There’s much more compassion for injuries which can be seen or felt more physically such as bruises, cuts, burns, disease, viruses or muscle strains. Mental health injuries are dismissed as a weakness or a flaw which a dose of positive thinking, getting tougher, pushing through it and more critical will solve. That approach just makes it worse and the mental health injury continues to get worse until it is taken seriously and treated with some care and compassion.

Life’s much harder with any type of physical injury but it’s even harder with mental health injuries changing the way you see your world. If you are suffering and have not sought help yet in the hope you can push through it, maybe it’s time to reassess your approach for something which could really help you heal and move on?

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