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Mental Food

17th June 2011

Food changes our moods and if you play it right you can use food to improve your mental wellbeing.  Life is much harder then the mind is not functioning the way it should.

Here is a list of foods which affect the mind in a positive way.

Turkey and prawns are high in tryptophan which helps produce the feel good endorphin serotonin, look up food high in tryptophan and incorporate into your weekly diet

Brown rice is a source of manganese, selenium and magnesium which help the body absorb tryptophan, quinoa is also high in manganese

When stressed your body loses vitamin C and oranges are one of the highest in vitamin C and are a great replacement for what is lost

Kale is a high in vitamin K which helps with the absorption of calcium, this is a great way of helping prevent unstable moods

Potatoes are high in vitamin B6 which also produce serotonin

The lack of folic acid is shown to be a cause of mood disorders. Asparagus, spinach, grapefruit, whole wheat bread and pasta are high in folic acid

Buckwheat is also high in tryptophan and also helps to keep blood sugar levels stable as when these rise and fall moods are unstable

Broad beans are high in levodopa which is brilliant for helping produce the happy hormone dopamine

I am still amazed at how clients with insomnia and anxiety disorders are still drinking caffeinated drinks despite caffeine stimulating the release of adrenaline which is the last thing they need.

It really is worth assessing what you eat and drink as your physical and mental health depend on it.

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