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Masters of Netflix

25th May 2016

What are you looking forward to this week for the fun factor?

Anything else planned in your free time which will help you feel proud?

It can be very easy to fall into a rut at times and forget that your life is incredibly precious and I am sure you were not destined to become a master of what’s on the television.  Too many clients suffering with stress, anxiety and depression are badly managing their energy to the point they simply just want to get home after work, crash, eat and watch Netflix style shows. This repetitive routine over time can simply drain the colour from what was once a vibrant fulfilling life and make everything feel flat, not worth it, frustrating or just tiring.

Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate what your evenings and weekends could mean to you. Your brain needs some stimulation to recharge something to feel proud of, people to connect with in person and good times! The chemistry alone really helps keep your mind and body in much better health which is vital if you also want to be more relaxed, confident, focused and productive in life.

I’ve seen clients pick back up instruments they used to play, join gyms, dance or hobby classes, decide to get their sex life back, date, socialise, read more and get back into a variety of cultural experiences. To see the difference this makes to their mental health is just priceless so why not reflect on what nights or days you could do something different and let the TV go a bit more often?

Top tips to recharge!

Get to bed at a regular time and get some quality sleep

The snooze button is the best way to start the day badly and feeling awful. Move your alarm away and just get up!

Reduce screen time especially if you are doing something else

Eat better more often

Learn mind management techniques for anxiety and worries


Make small and just a changes at first as this makes it easier to gain momentum

Commit to small tasks which you will feel proud doing

Reconnect to friends and people you love, spend some quality time with them

Enjoy TV shows which you really enjoy and put the phone down and focus on one thing at a time. Give yourself breaks now and then to check your phone if you wish.

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