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Low Self Belief Part 2

3rd June 2011

Low self belief affects life in so many ways which can make it so much harder.

The way you see and experience the world is heavily influenced by your attitude towards life which of course comes from how you feel about yourself.  If you are creating barriers, too self conscious or nervous then your mind is processing the world as dangerous and therefore need to be on various levels of red alert in those situations.  The more situations you go on red alert the more you are drained of energy and living life like this is exhausting and eventually depressing.

Who you are today is made up of all the memories from experiences since day one of your being born.  If there have been incidents which has damaged your self belief then these will begin to shape how you see and experience the world.  If you find yourself with a negative view of life in general or certain situations then this outlook could hinder your life unless you get a more healthy objective view of reality.  You may think your memories are true and that your past experiences give you a realistic negative view of the future but your memories are mostly untrue and are an inaccurate misrepresentation of your past.  You may be acting as if your past is the truth and has made you who you are but in reality you can change your view of the past and memories with therapy and it’s ethical because your view of the past is mostly an illusion.

Check here for an article which tells you why your past is an illusion and why what you think you are seeing is also another delusion. 

If you read the article you may now have a better idea of why your past isn’t who you really are, which is brilliant as we can help you transform you into being the person you want to be more of.  This is a catalyst for creating a better life which has more of the opportunities you need to take advantage of to take you to where you want to go in life.  The key with this is not being false and to focus on being a more authentic you,  if you have never explored you to find out who you are and who you want to be then now is the best time.

Investing in living with authenticity is the key to increasing your self belief, self worth, self esteem and finding life easier to handle.  Confidence comes with knowing that as your authentic self grows you will be able to deal with what your mind predicts about the future.  Low self worth often predicts a future which is lonely, scary and full of incidents which enforces the illusion of being flawed.  If you continue to live life being driven by the illusion of your flaws then life is all the much harder, shallow and depressing.

Part 3 is about living life authentically.


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