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Insomnia, Distraction and Mind

19th June 2011

We have never in our history been as distracted as we are now.  With lifestyles getting busier and busier and with the distractions we have all around us, there is something being ignored and the consequences for some are beginning to show.

In Brighton and Hove, I work with the issues created by distraction, insomnia is one of them and can make someones life feel exhausting and like hell.


Tim is a top salesman and he has come to see me due to Insomnia issues.  His mind won’t switch off at night.  Not only does he find it hard to sleep but he also wakes up in the night which is exhausting him completely.  His Doctor has prescribed a sedative to help shut his mind down but in reality this is not what he needs right now.

Tim’s day starts with getting up and commuting to London, he works on the way up to prepare for the day.  He works very hard as success is important to him and then works on train on way home.  Goes to gym and then eats, watches television and then bed. This happens for 5 days a week and the weekend is filled with socialising,  chores and catching up on favourite shows etc.

Tim’s day and week is so full that his mind is constantly distracted,  but his mind wants to focus on life, dreams, worries etc but is not given the chance to do so.  There is no time to literally think, but the mind is very clever and waits until there is time to think and of course the distractions end at bedtime.  Cue the thought processes which have been pushed to one side in favour of other priorities.

Is this insomnia or bad thought management?   I got Tim to spend 30 minutes during his commute home to focus on thoughts that wanted to address aspects of his life.

Here is part of my simple therapeutic process which tends to work with insomnia and other anxiety disorders:

I can use NLP, IEMT, EFT, MET and hypnosis to make it really hard to remember insomnia in the past which creates thoughts of fear for future nights sleep.

Help create new positive memories to be referenced which helps future predictions of what a nights sleep would be.

Tim learned to breath correctly to calm down and also be more body aware as he his awareness was too focused within the mind which created an imbalance that needed to be addressed.

I can with some great techniques with the unconscious  make sleep a lower priority, as when it’s too high and out of context it can cause anxiety as it’s too high a priority.  Of course this has to be in balance with the individuals life.

I also taught Tim to slow down and switch off his mind and address his caffeine intake which was not helping at all.  His sleep increased over the next few weeks his sleep issues became a distant dream, soon to be forgotten.  Tim is now more empowered, energised and managing his mind in a more productive and balanced way.

Your mind needs time to think and with distractions at their highest with television, internet, smart phones, gaming, social and work lifestyles it is becoming rare to hear of people spending time dealing with their thoughts.   Anxiety can kick in as the mind hates uncertainty and distraction can also be an avoidance strategy to move away from dealing with important issues.  This can’t last forever and will come and bite you on the bum as the mind is getting stressed and starts becoming overactive and over reactive.

Todays modern society are training themselves to have shorter attention spans,  they rarely can watch a movie without checking their smart phones or laptops.  They don’t read web pages as they skim the information instead.  Shorter attention spans create a stressed mind when having to focus on something too long.

Spend some time with your mind, write down and address worries and aspects of your life which need improvement.  If you keep avoiding them through distraction then they will chip away your mind until you have to take note and by then it’s not a pleasant experience.  Put down the phone and focus your attention on what you are writing, reading or watching.  train your mind back into clarity, focus and attention.

Life is too short to be overly distracted, have sleep issues which can be addressed and not learn to work and manage your brilliant mind.

If you suffer with insomnia or feels affected by distraction in Brighton and Hove and would like to visit me for a free consultation then please contact me.  I can also work via Skype worldwide so please ask me about that too.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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