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IBS Toilet Trap

23rd January 2013

Where’s the loo? The fear of not being near a toilet can be overwhelming for some people especially if they suffer with IBS.  The thoughts about what will happen if there is no loo nearby can become obsessive and frightening.  Trying to control a journey or situation so that a toilet is nearby is exhausting and at times near impossible.

The reality is that not one client I have spoken to has actually had an accident like that, it might have felt close though.  The mind will then create a series a mini movies with very loud and fast dialogue which makes terrible predictions about the future and the lack of toilets.  My clients will then do their best to avoid those situations which means limiting life to the point of almost becoming imprisoned.

Clients with bladder issues also suffer too,  both issues are ironically made worse by the tension and fear that comes with thoughts and feelings of being caught short in public.  I can see the relief in their eyes when they ask me where the bathroom is and I point to the door which is next to them.

A client who had her first session last week in Hove mentioned just how much better they felt after our work together. They were empowered to manage their minds when it comes to anxiety and negative thoughts.  Some very simple techniques were used by the client over the past week and despite their initial scepticism they found themselves reacting differently already and not just in toilet situations. Today we reinforced that work by making it harder to create the false fearful predictions and make those root memories even harder to access. We shall see what the feedback is next time to see where I go next with them.

Life’s too short to live in fear and this toilet trap is a horrible one to get caught up in.

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