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Hunter or Prey?

1st March 2012

Hunter or Prey?

Anxiety only happens when the mind is reacting as if you are in danger. This is how we evolved, people who feel they are at risk are acting as if they are prey as their limbic systems go into survival mode, flight or fight. Living a life with the attitude of feeling like prey can make life much harder than it could be. Prey can make excuses to as to why being prey is a better option, but that is just the fear talking. Fear motivates prey into their reactions of fight or flight. The hunter is pro-active more often than not.

The preys life tends to have these qualities:

Walking looking down at the floor missing the world around them lost in thought
Not wanting to be noticed
Internalising too much and making up the danger from what they think others are thinking around them
Predicting terrible futures where they or loved ones (also prey) are harmed
They isolate themselves to try and be safe which actually makes them feel more at risk
Victim, martyr
Tries to control the smallest of things
Nags, manipulates and bullies people through fear
Low self esteem
Angry, intolerant and frustrated and wants others to feel the same way they do
Blame, shame and guilt
Wanders from bad relationship to another
Health issues
Doesn’t trust others due to that pesky inner voice of doom making up stories
Misses opportunities in life
All about them and have become way to important


What is helpful is to work at changing into your natural state as the reality is you are at the top of the food chain, so why act as if you are near the bottom. Your natural state is the hunter, gatherer.

Hunter, gatherer qualities are more likely to be:

The observer, watcher, curious and focused
Externalises and focus’s on what is happening around them
Risk taker
Walks with head up watching and experiencing the world in a more present and mindful way
Calm and relaxed attitude
Takes advantage of the good and bad that happens in life
Hunts and gathers the best qualities out of themselves and others
Doesn’t bother to entertain fantasy thoughts of what other people could be thinking as it’s a waste of time and energy
Doesn’t bother to predict the future in a negative way as what is the point?
Compassionate, understanding
Embraces their dark side as they know they are not perfect and will make mistakes
Being part of a community, creates connections in a symbiotic way
Healthy relationships develop more in the hunters life
Recognises they are important but not too important

We all can have hunter, prey qualities in various areas of our lives due to how our minds have been conditioned to see and experience the world. It is time to start becoming the hunter in more and more areas, only you will know what that will be like. Just imagine!

If you need help becoming the hunter instead of the prey contact contact me as it really is easier than your mind may think.


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