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Homeopathy, Reiki Vs The Mind

20th March 2012

There is a nice article going around the media today highlighting the potential dangers of homeopathy.

Speaking to some Homeopathist’s and their fans it is very clear they will ignore anything that suggests there is a problem with their therapy. What is ironic is that these people will often be strong advocates of the power of the mind and having an open one to match. Yet when it is suggested that it’s not the sugar pill that’s doing the healing but the power of belief, homeopathist’s are quick to try and shoot this down. (Not very open minded is it?)

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Personally I don’t believe in homeopathy no matter how many anecdotal stories people have. I do though believe in catalysts for the mind to kick in it’s own healing strategies and if we could harness that better then just imagine what could be achieved! Also we have to remember that people heal themselves most of the time anyway, by the time they sought out help the body is likely to have already started to sort itself out. How many times have you gone to the Dr and felt a bit embarrassed as those symptoms have started to go or gone completely?

It is a shame that people with careers invested in healing people refuse to open their minds to the power of the brain and what it’s potential is at self healing, due to their own self interests. The usual response is to point out medical science flaws and add badly conceived conspiracies to give their alternative therapies extra reinforcement. If a therapist does this then they have usually fallen for the alternative therapy propaganda which is worth billions in revenue and needs to be protected with some terrible misinformation.

I also believe Reiki and other energy therapies are also triggers for self healing which is why it works with some and not others. It never made sense for a universal energy to have preferences on who it could heal or not. It it shown over and over that Reiki does not actually work but healing can happen as the mind can respond to the belief it is being healed. The care and compassion many healers, homeopathist’s show can’t be underestimated nor can the concept of people feeling relieved that their condition is being treated in some way.

Clients reveal to me their issues often in metaphoric ways; ‘it feels like hot lava in my chest, there is an invisible barrier in my way, there is a knot in my stomach.’ If you work with the metaphors it can produce powerful emotional experiences which feels like energy moving in the body. No wonder people believe in Reiki as it can work metaphorically to produce solutions to those feelings. I used to reach and practise Reiki until I realised it was metaphoric and I could get better results using suggestion or as I call it Metaphoric Energy Transformation (MET).


As therapists we cannot hold onto therapies shown not to work but we can embrace as healers the power of the mind and explore as pioneers in how we can trigger self healing in clients. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a client learn to manage their own metaphoric subconscious messages and work with them to create the results they are looking for.

Whilst my views about therapies are not that popular among the self invested therapist community, (not that I worry about that) it is important that you research the validity of the healing therapy you are seeking help from.

Just to note the therapies I practice and all mind therapies are still under scrutiny for their effectiveness and that is a good thing. Even the most popular therapies promoted by the medical establishment such as CBT, Psychotherapy, Counselling all have their good and bad points. This scrutiny helps us refine our work so the clients benefit. It is a shame some alternative therapy fields claim conspiracy when subjected to the same scrutiny. I think that speaks volumes.


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