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Getting over Yourself

18th October 2012

Let’s make it quite clear even though it may seem a little harsh at first.

Not many if any are that interested in you.  So if you do happen to be in any social situation which you feel we are all watching and judging you, the likely hood is we are not.  We are like you mostly lost in our own little bubbles of reality thinking about all sorts of things, we will not really be thinking about you.

If by any chance you catch our attention and notice you we will be judging a perception of you not the real you.  We are judging a virtual you that has been created in our minds due to what has programmed us from birth.  The virtual you is my personal creation and it will either be favourable or unfavourable due to the memories my mind accesses to judge if you are similar to me, you see my Caveman needs to feel safe and if you for any reason remind me of anyone who is dangerous to my wellbeing then he will put me on a level of alert around you.  If it is the opposite then I will see you in a good light,  but still either way my perception of you is mine and mine alone, it has nothing to do with you.

If you choose to indulge making it about you then you are making yourself too important. Not in status but in a way that says you need protection from all the normal experiences we have to go through to grow up in life.

Are you too important to experience:




Getting something wrong?

Being judged?

No you are not, we all experience this in life as this helps us grow, become more creative, stronger and wealthier in many areas of life.  If you try to avoid this because you say you are too important to experience this then you simply end up in a self created prison.  This prison by the way which your Caveman thinks is safer is actually a very dangerous place to be. The anger, anxiety and controlling behaviour will most likely create great loss in our life on many levels and you have to show your Caveman with compassion what is at risk if you continue to indulge in being too important.  Sometimes it’s good to say “I simply just have to get over myself.”

You have to remind your Caveman no matter what lies he says that whilst no-one like to experience negative emotions, you will deal with them and cope with them using them to your advantage to make life healthier for you.

You are a resourceful, intelligent, compassionate human being who is capable of managing the crap that comes your way, sifting through it and coming out on top.  Yes life is unfair at times and we have to get over that too.  You have to show your Caveman your accomplishments, what you have handled and come through, what you love, what you want and what attitude you need to get there.

You have to show your Caveman that future possibilities can look great too and use self control and discipline to do your best to get there.  The future of course is a delusion but it’s healthier to create a useful one to follow than one which is delusional and just creates a prison for you to moan about sitting in.

Good luck and get over yourself :0)

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