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Intuition Tuning Part 2 Mental Fitness Episode Seven

22 Feb 2019

Part 2 of how to tune into your emotions and feelings for a more intuitive approach to living life.Download podcast

Therapy and Coaching Sessions Information


Do you Offer a Free Consultation?

Absolutely. The first consultation offered is for around 30 minutes and is totally free.  This can be held on the phone, online or in person, the choice is yours.  You will be sent a consultation form to fill in so I can prepare for our meeting.  We will discuss your situation and how I work and from that a course of action for you. 

Do I Have to Decide Anything at the Consultation?

Not at all, there is no sales pitch or pressure to work with me at all. I might not even be your best option and I will advise if this is the case during or after our meeting. I will encourage you to think about possibly working together before committing.

What are the costs and how do I pay?

Prices, deposit and how to pay information can be found for sessions here on the session fees page. Payments can be made online or in my office via card machine or cash. Receipts and invoices are provided on request.

How Many Sessions and How do they Work?

Dependant on your case, you are likely to have 2-3 foundation weekly sessions at the beginning to get the ball rolling. For some clients they may have more than this or less depending on their personal situation as I do offer intensive courses for people really struggling with their issues.  I will advise you of the course of action I recommend in the free consultation I offer before you make any decisions to work me with me.

Whilst for some clients just a few sessions is all they need to get the result they want. Any further sessions required are spaced out in weeks apart to provide feedback to fine tune your sessions to be even more effective.

The main focus for every client is to develop a level of confidence which comes from using the strategies given during the Therapy and Coaching sessions.  The more confidence gained, the less I am needed and that is the best news I can hear as it means we have been successful with your program.

Length of Session

Allow for 50 minutes to an hour for your session time. Shorter and Longer sessions are available and we can discuss that option if needed.

Online Sessions?

Absolutely, I do a large part of my work each week online with clients around the globe. If you are unable to visit for any reason then this is a great option. This can be done via Skype and FaceTime. Please make sure you have a good connection for the session to be effective.

Rearranging a Consultation or Session

If you need to rearrange or cancel then I require 24 hours notice for both of these otherwise too may lose your deposit or be charged a consultation fee to re-attend. If you are sick, you will be asked to attend another appointment and as long as you informed before the session, no deposit or consultation fee is lost.

What are your Session Times?

There are 6 sessions slots available per day. My first session starts around 10am and the last session starts around 7pm.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10-8pm.

Friday and weekends are often working days but not with clients.

How do I book?

Text, email, call me, contact page or use the quick contact form at the bottom of this page.

What Therapy Will I Have?

This is discussed within your free consultation and I will recommend what will be your best course of action.

Are you a Real Doctor?

No, I can’t give medical advise and will always refer you to your G.P if this is needed. The Life Doctor business name only reflects the goal of helping people make their lives better.

I am scared of Hypnotherapy; Do we have to do it?

Not at all, some therapies don’t work or suit some clients.  Hypnotherapy has some interesting press but can be very relaxing and useful in facilitating powerful changes in the way you think and behave.  It is totally harmless and I can explain more about it during the consultation or session if you are curious as to how it works.


If you would like to discuss Therapy and Coaching sessions for anxiety, stress, motivation, confidence , depression or any struggle you are having with life then I would love to hear from you. Call 07921-819-071 or contact me here.




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