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Dare Yourself

16th April 2018

What would you dare yourself to do?  

It’s all too easy to drift through life on auto-pilot and feel like you are just reacting to whatever comes along instead of taking back control. Waking up and choosing to make changes to your life takes effort and energy which is something some people don’t feel they have.

Do you go home after work to “switch off” and just zone out to the multi-screens demanding your attention?  If you had the energy, what would you dare yourself to do differently?

Get your energy back!

The biggest drains on energy are often poor lifestyle choices we make to get through the day. Your nervous may be overstimulated from the moment you wake up and this repeated overload is why so many people want to shut down by the time they reach home if not before.

When I talk feeling more energised,  I am referring to motivation, focus, clarity, confidence, feeling on top of things and ready to meet life’s challenges.  The chemistry created from the list below is invaluable and with some small steps, each day could become something that comes easily and naturally to you.

The best ways to increase your energy are:

Developing the best sleep routine and avoid snooze buttons!

Increase your time away from screens and info which overstimulates you. Let’s be honest most of it is content which really doesn’t add anything to your life.

Making some simple but effective food lifestyle changes, the energy from eating well is astonishing!

Have some quiet time away from music, news and people.Give yourself time to think, it’s amazing what can come up and inspire you when you invest in some “me” time.

Exercise is in my view one of the best ways to manage stress and increase physical and mental fitness. My brain feels so sharp after running, gym or a spin session and you cannot put a price on that.

Spend time with people who you connect with and make you feel good.

Set yourself some challenges which when completed make you feel proud!

Develop your mind management and mental fitness levels. If you really want that amazing life, it won’t come without these. That’s what coaches and therapist are for and are happy to help you.

The alternative is to drift back into auto-pilot and try and shut down when you can whilst life passes you by.  The opportunities and potential you miss out on will be gratefully received by someone else so they won’t really go to waste.

if you fancy a chat about the content in this blog or anything else you want help with then contact me here, I will do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.








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