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Change Insomnia Now

12th June 2012

I was very lucky recently to be lying in the sun on the various beautiful beaches of Mykonos.  What I didn’t know at the time was how important it was for the sunlight to reach my eyes in order to help me sleep at night and avoid insomnia.

So why is sunlight important in helping me sleep at night?

Blue light which is part of the visible spectrum in solar rays keeps us awake and stimulated throughout the day as it suppresses melatonin.  Melatonin is the hormone which causes sleepiness and is triggered by changing light levels throughout the day. If you don’t have a change in melatonin levels then your body doesn’t know when to rest or when to stay awake.

The office culture of not getting out at lunch time could be adding to the increase in insomnia in our culture.  If you are stuck indoors all day then you have to take the time to get out and let sunlight get to your eyes.  Obviously staring at the sun is not what is being advocated here, but taking off your sunglasses would be a good idea whilst outside and avoid looking at the sun.

A change to your evening habits is also required.  Televisions and computer screens can emit blue light too so spend some time reading instead of staring at a screen to avoid being stimulated for restless sleep.

My other top tips for changing insomnia are:

Avoid drinking caffeine throughout the day and switch to caffeine free versions of your favourite drinks.

Give your mind time to think through any worries you have.  We are mostly bombarded throughout the day with constant distractions and noise.  When the mind is free from these distractions it will want to focus on the future and the possibilities it contains.  Just going through strategies to deal with any worries can really help stop worrying thoughts at bedtime.  If you need help with this then please contact me.

A cold / freezing flannel on the front of the head may slow down the busy frontal lobes which can keep peoples mind racing.  It literally is a way to keep cool and chill out.

If you have got caught in a psychological trap of worrying about sleeping then please see a therapist like me who can help train your mind to think more positively when it comes to bedtime.  Hypnotherapy, EFT and NLP are great tools for changing thought fearful thought patterns which can make insomnia worse.

Check out dietary tips for insomnia, you can look this up on the net.

Also see this article for a possible technique you could explore and try out.

As a sufferer in the past I know what Insomnia can feel like and do. There is hope, I changed mine and now it is time to change yours.  I treat insomnia in my clinic in Brighton & Hove and worldwide via Skype using a variety of therapies.

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