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Bored of Happiness?

19th September 2011

When I ask most clients what they want, they usually reply that they just want to be happy.

Is this enough though?

Happiness flows into our lives at various times due to various experiences which we find ourselves in.  If we were happy all the time wouldn’t we just be bored of happiness and become apathetic and complacent with it?

Light and shade seems important for us to experience which are the ups and downs to life and when we experience an up we know what it feels like because it feels different from a down time, or other feelings which are on various levels. 

We could with intention place ourselves in situations which are more likely to create feelings of happiness, joy, wellbeing and laughter and this tends to work well for a life which feels good to live.  We will though be motivated by feelings which feel uncomfortable such as boredom, frustration, fear etc. This helps us begin to explore what we can do next to get that good feeling we crave for, this cycle will pretty much continue for the rest of our lives as one is for sure, no-one can be happy 100% of the time.  They would be bored of it very quickly, I know I would.