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Help in Beating Insomnia with Therapy in Around a Day?

12th June 2012

Insomnia is notoriously known for being hard to beat.  As a sufferer in the past I know of the psychological traps it can lead you into.  The fear of not sleeping can lead to lying there trying to sleep with little or no success.  Feeling exhausted can then appear to have a severe impact on the next day which then leads to the caffeine trap which can make things even worse.  Could this new therapy  help beat insomnia in around a day?

It looks like there may be a way.

Leon Lack who is head of the Sleep Laboratory in Australia’s Flinders University created an experiment to improve the condition of 79 insomniacs in the space of 25 hours.

The 79 participants were kept awake for one night then the next night allowed to fall asleep at the beginning of each half an hour. The researchers would then wake them up after only 3 minutes and kept them awake until the next half an hour began. This was repeated for 25 hours and then sent home. For some this may sound like hell, but for most insomnia sufferers they would be encouraged to know that the participants within a week were showing significant improvements in falling asleep faster and the benefits were still evident 6 months later.

The reason given for it’s effectiveness was that it was training insomniacs to associate going to bed with the feeling of quickly nodding off which most insomniacs say they lack in.

Whilst there is no actual do it yourself version available just yet , maybe it’s not rocket science to find a way of seeing you can do this with the help of willing friend, partner or on your own with an alarm?  Maybe someone will be inspired by the research to create a smartphone app to help insomniacs sleep?


Image courtesy of  Free digital Images


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