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1st April 2011

As a blog entry I thought I would let clients exploring my site find out a little bit more of what to expect from working with me with anxiety and stress either in Brighton & Hove or on Skype.

First off, anxiety and stress are not your fault despite what you may think.  Your brain is simply malfunctioning which causes it to overwork itself which can cause all sorts of issues.  You can through therapy work to help the brain get back to working properly and a lot of it is very simple to do.

Getting help for anxiety and stress related disorders is a sign of strength as it takes a lot to admit there is a problem you can’t handle by yourself.  It also takes a lot to come and see a virtual total stranger and let out what you may have been hiding for a long time, taking these steps can often help you feel much better.

What is important to remember is that you will get the help and support you need and you can turn anxiety and stress around by exploring what will help your mind calm down.

If you are thinking about coming to see me to deal with your anxiety and stress, here are some helpful things I would like to know.  As the consultation is long enough to tell you how I work with clients and explanations of the therapies involved what is useful is to email me anything with you feel is related to the anxiety or stress.  Information given is under the strictest of confidence.

Please email me your story and answer the questions below:

How long do you think you have been experiencing anxiety or stress for?

Was there a certain event which seems to have triggered your anxiety or stress?

What are your physical symptoms of anxiety or stress?

Common ones are:

Heart racing

Negative thoughts

Loud negative inner chat



Pins and needles



Feelings of panic

Chest pain / tightness

Muscle aches & pains

Dry mouth

Brain freezes, can’t think of what to say

Sexual performance problems

Feeling spaced out

Crying or feeling over emotional for little or no reason

Trouble sleeping

Appetite changes

Mood swings


There are many more and if in doubt then please ask.

Have you been to see you local Doctor for help?

Are you on any type of medication for anxiety, stress or depression?

Are you on any type of medication which may cause anxiety symptoms?

Do you drink coffee, tea or any other caffeinated drinks?

What is your alcohol consumption like?

Do you or have you ever taking recreational drugs?

Are you under pressure from work, a partner, family or anything else?

Do you exercise?

Is your food intake considered healthy?

How much good sleep do you get a night?

What to expect during sessions

You will be given a free anxiety and stress pack to help you with your sessions; it contains simple tips and information to help you move forward and get your life back on track.

Sessions normally last an hour but can last up to 75 minutes and are as proactive as possible.

I will show you why anxiety and stress happens and what you can begin to do right now to help your over active mind calm down.

You will be give simple and effective strategies to help balance out your mind in times of anxiety and stress.

You may experience a variety of therapies which are chosen intuitively due to what is being said, felt and experienced.

There is no magic cure therapy which is why I have a few to work with; some therapies are more effective than others and how you respond to them will determine if we carry on using them.

Your sessions are experimental as I have no idea what the result will be until experienced. Your honest feedback being essential to help fine tune session to make them as focused and as effective as possible.

I have no idea how long it will take to help you, each client has different factors involved which can shorten or lengthen the amount of sessions they have.  Clients only have sessions when they can afford them and assignments are given in the gaps to keep their progress going.

It is normal sometimes to have slip ups or setbacks which often feel like clients are going backwards, mostly this is not the case and is talked through and dealt with during that session.  It is common to fear going backwards when making great progress so we have to work with that fear too.

In some rare cases I cannot help the client as they need medication intervention to help the part of the brain that isn’t responding.  Medication is often frowned upon but research shows that it can really help people get their mind back in some order and through therapy get their life back on track.

It is also common to think about cancelling further sessions as the clients feels great due to the progress they are making.  If you feel this way then please talk to me first about this so we can work out if there is work to do which is being forgotten about.

You may have gathered that I am not a bog standard therapist who will simply nod, smile or look all sad about what is happening to you.  I want you to get to where you want to be as quickly, thoroughly and as successfully as possible.  I or the therapies can feel hard at times but they are brilliant for changing those thoughts and behaviours keeping you in that negative, thought and behaviour pattern.

Please explore and follow the tips and strategies given.  I am amazed sometimes how a client may refuse to stop drinking coffee for example and yet the caffeine is obviously stressing out their mind and making it over work itself.  If you have any doubts about this then always be honest with me and we can work through whatever is a problem.

Life is too short

Life is too short to suffer in silence or hope it will go away on its own without expert help.  I have lost count of the amount of clients that wished they had done this sooner as they lost a large part of their life caught up in an anxiety or stress loop.  I used to be a sufferer myself; this is down to naturally inheriting a brain from my families DNA which is prone to anxiety and stress.  This is what led me to explore what would work as my life was being severely affected and now I am in control and it rarely bothers me at all.  If only I had known years ago about the help I could have had, I just simply didn’t know it existed and just got used to it being there.

Seek help and learn to work with your mind so you can change your life.

Picture supplied by Salvatore Vuono


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