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Anger, Stress and Anxiety Management

19th June 2012

One thing some clients are surprised by is how angry they come across, the anger within influenced their thoughts and  behaviours and they just accepted this as part of their normal behaviour. They often wonder what other peoples problems are with them.  They can also get stuck in the “this is me” trap where they just assume their provocative, self opinionated, reactive and defensive nature was just “who they are.”

They had originally come to see me to have their anxiety or lack of confidence worked with as that is what I am know for successfully working with at my office in Brighton & Hove or in online sessions.  Something is stimulating their limbic system into overdrive causing many of the anxiety symptoms such as:

Racing heart

Feelings of panic

Stressed out

Overly busy minds

Feelings of low self worth

Feeling powerless, trying to control everything around them

Irritable bowel syndrome and angry skin conditions

To add to the problem episodes of anger can cause more things to feel guilty about which just makes the limbic system even worse and the cycle of anger, anxiety and stress gets fed even more in what seems like self destructive behaviour.  This can change though but you have to recognise there is a problem first.

 So where does this anger come from? 

I am generalising here as it can be there for a few reasons, mostly it seems to come from way back in the past from their childhood years.  Years of suppressed anger tends to leak out after a while just like a saucepan boiling over with the lid on.  There are a lot angry people with that inner angry kid demanding to be heard, demanding attention, love and to know they are important.

I have seen clients use my techniques to safely vent their anger like steam from a kettle begin to change positively overnight.  As the pressure releases in the mind, the more clearly they can begin to think and more importantly be pro-active in action instead of reacting.  They build healthier relationships with people around them and also feel more relaxed when it comes to controlling life.

If you would like to learn to manage your anxiety, anger and stress either at my office in Brighton and Hove or online via Skype or Facetime, then please contact me for more information.


Life is too short to carry emotional baggage from the past which influences how you experience the present and the future.

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