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Intuition Tuning Part 2 Mental Fitness Episode Seven

22 Feb 2019

Part 2 of how to tune into your emotions and feelings for a more intuitive approach to living life.Download podcast

About Paul Sheppard – The Life Doctor

Welcome to my site!

I am very well known for my Therapy and Coaching work with anxiety, stress, confidence and motivation. Clients have access to sessions online or in person at my office in Brunswick Square in Hove.

What have I trained in?

I have been training in therapies since the age of 17 when I took my first counselling course. I have a huge passion for understanding how the mind works and I have been exploring which therapies and strategies would have the most positive impact on the mind ever since.

Along the way I have trained in many therapies which include being an Integrative Hypnotherapist, Life Coach,  NLP Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapist) as these for me proved to be very successful in facilitating the change clients were looking for.

I have also had training in CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy),  ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy) and Mindfulness which I have blended with my training to get the most out of these fantastic tools.

Why I do what I do

My mission is to share with as many people as I can the strategies, techniques and perspectives which can make the biggest impact on changing anxiety, stress, low confidence, depression and motivation.  I promote simply being ourselves more often for a better quality of life and it makes the world a much healthier place to live in.

My Anxiety

I suffered with low confidence and anxiety issues from a young age and I got myself lost trying to fix myself.  Traditional talking based therap and I felt I needed a tool belt of strategies to help me manage my mind.

Physical = Mental

The biggest difference to my life came when my perspective on anxiety changed forever. You see I had been told and taught it was a mental state causing physical symptoms and yet it was the opposite. Physical issues with low serotonin, an inflamed nervous system linked to an over active limbic system (the survival and emotional centre of the brain) were causing my mental state and symptoms. This epiphany finally helped me heal and work towards sharing this information with people in similar situations.

It’s a Brave Step

Feeling lost or stuck with life can feel depressing which is why seeking the right help is so important. The biggest barrier can be pride as that can stop someone even exploring what help is out there.  People don’t tend to feel embarrassed turning to a Personal Trainers to help maximise gym workouts nor would they feel embarrassed to go on courses to develop new work skills and yet Life Coaching or Therapy can be seen as something for the weak.  It’s an old fashioned view thankfully many are throwing away. Working with the mind to become more calmer, focused, motivated, confident and resilient are skills we all need to develop. It’s an incredibly brave step to take in beginning to look for the right kind of help.

Sharing my Work

The more people I can share my work with the better and you can find my growing and evolving Podcast library which is free to listen and subscribe to on iTunes, SoundCloud or on YouTube which is part of my mission to help as many people as possible right now.

The Podcasts are not a replacement for Personal Therapy and Coaching but they are very powerful in helping you get an idea of what you can do to begin changing your mind to change your life.

I Want To Help You

Life’s too short and precious to struggle with a few rogue outdated brain patterns or an inflamed nervous system.  The Coaching and Therapy sessions are very proactive so that from the word go, together we can focus on creating the change you are looking for and help you live the life you want.

If you would like a realistic, direct, no nonsense and simple approach then contact me for a free consultation. You can come and meet me, have it online or even by phone. I then encourage you to think about it and let me know later what you would like to do.

I abide by a strict code of ethics which can be found on the General Hypnotherapy Register.

I am also listed on the NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners and CNCH too.
I look forward to working with you!

Paul Sheppard.


Straight Talking Therapy – It’s amazing how much unnecessary baggage that most of us carry around. Paul’s straight-talking approach utilising a range of different therapies can help you ditch the lot. Having helped me resolve a few issues that were holding me back both in my personal and professional life I now recommend Paul to my Personal Training clients and I have seen some amazing results.

E.Power – Brighton

Using a range of techniques, Paul helped me to see past my confusion and anxieties and I have become a far calmer, more confident person! Invaluable experience, thanks!

Kirsty – Brighton

I was concerned at first if hypnosis would work on me for my anxiety and if I could actually be hypnotised. My body felt so relaxed for the first time in ages and Paul showed me under hypnosis how much I actually can control my body with a simple thought. I feel much calmer and confident about life, thanks to his techniques and I recommend Paul to everyone I know as they are definitely in good hands!
Shirley – Hove 


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