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A Shit Diet

16th January 2012


Is your diet literally shit?

Listening to people who claim to love food, it soon becomes clear they don’t love food at all, they are simply addicted to really shit food. Think about all the food you claim to love and cannot but help shovel down your throat. Picture them in your mind spread out on a large table.  Do they consist mostly of these?



Ice cream

Chips / crisps


Fried foods



Junk cereals

Maybe you have not thought about this before, but if the colour of the foods you claim to love or have issues with has the colour of what a sick dog leaves behind for people to step in on pavements, then the answer is a resounding yes.  You love shit food!!  Brown and various shades of beige is the worst coloured food diet you can have. You are worth much more than this and your diet really needs some colour or otherwise there are some dire consequences which include:


Lack of energy


Physical health issues which shorten your lifespan usually at the point when you have so much to live for

Mental health issues

Sleep disorders

Anxiety and stress issues

There is a theory that we are attracted naturally to brown and beige foods due to baby food being the same colours.  We find these colours comforting and are programmed from a young age to find shit colours appealing as blended food goes the colour of poop. 

Life is too short for a shit diet and you are worth much more than the poop you are shovelling down your throat.  So the next time you dish up that curry, get out those cookies, cake, chocolate or down that cola. Take a real long look at what you going to eat and drink.  Is this shit diet really going to help fuel your body and give it what it really needs?  Do you really want to cut your life short and which members of your family are going to have to deal with by eventually wiping your ass as your health plummets and deal with crap you leave behind when you are gone?  I have lost count of the clients who are condemned to a life of misery due to someone’s lifestyle choices ending their lives horrendously.  There is no blame here as diet information is often confusing and contradictory, combine that with stress, anger and anxiety and we have shit foods providing illusionary comfort.  Yet the future beckons with consequences no-one deserves.  It is time for action and 2012 could be the year where you finally sort it out once and for all. 


If you have food issues – get help

If you are addicted to certain foods – get help

If food is being used to make you feel good – get help

If you don’t know what’s best to eat – get help

It could be the best investment you make for yourself as well as for the people who love and are closest to you. Life’s too short and hard at times to inflict on yourself and others the results of a shit diet.  This is about a lifestyle change, this is not about stopping the shit food for a few days at a time in order to lose some weight.  Diets do not work and can cause a lot of misery as they tend to fail.  What lifestyle changes can you make to ensure you leave the crap stuff alone?

So next time you get those brown and beige foods out, imagine they are dog shit.  Actually that reminds me, dogs get better food than kids these days!  Would you give a dog chocolate cereal?  They list on pet food adverts how healthy their product is and yet adverts for food don’t tend to mention the nutritional value.  (Well they can’t talk about what’s not there).

Oh yes…dog shit on your plate and you are gonna shovel that down your throat….how tasty and….I wonder what those bits are?  When you go to the loo, look down the bowl and look at the colour of what your body is getting rid of as waste.  Do you really want to feed yourself with stuff that looks like that?

If you are going to make yourself eat something that does nothing at all for your body then make sure it’s the best shit there is, it’s amazing how many people eat shit they do not even like that much! That is only acceptable if you are into scat as a fetish (though the psychology around that leaves me just as worried!

Good luck with changing your shit diet, if you want some help then please contact me!

In the mean time…..don’t even get me started on what a pizza looks like……



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