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6 Harsh Realities of Weight loss

12th February 2013

1. Scooby Doo? Have you been conditioned like a dog to wanting cheap crappy chocolate treats?  Remind yourself you are not a dog and if you really want something to make yourself feel good then choose something that reflects your self worth.  You are much better and worth much more than a few pence on the crap where you are just tasting the salt and sugar.  “But I need my comfort food!” says the lady regressing back to being a baby….lets get those parts to grow up shall we, or will a dummy suffice to go with that oversized onesie from Primark.

2. Love food? If you really loved food as much as you say, would you have those food and weight issues?  Popping a fork through a lid and whacking it into a microwave is hardly “loving food.”  Food portion sizes which make you a belly buster, isn’t loving food either.  Chucking food down your gullet like a starving seagull isn’t loving food at all! If you are going to indulge in food, buy it, make it, taste it and eat it mindfully.  If you don’t know how then take some time to learn. Your body and mind will love you for it.

3. Bored of boring life?  Eating through boredom? What the hell are you doing on an evening to be so brain dead! Is coming home and doing the crap Tele routine whilst flicking through Facebook on your phone what life  really is all about for you?  What does life really mean to you and what do you want it contain more of? Make steps now to make that happen now, not tomorrow, right now.

4. Zombie eater? Eating food mindlessly is a sure fire way to keep that weight on, isn’t it time to wake up and learn to be a bit more mindful with food?  People spend ages going to a supermarket and choosing dinner then spending a fortune on food they are not even tasting that much. They just eat in a trance whilst reading or watching TV.  Wake up zombies and shift your attention to the present moment and concentrate on what you are doing.  Be the person NOW who finds it easier to be more confident, controlled and who enjoys being lighter. The old version of you which has no willpower, hates your body shape, thinks you will fail is a hypnotic illusion from the past or future, THE DO NOT EXIST! Learn mindfulness and be more proactive then reactive with food, weight and exercise.

5. Diet con. Diets don’t work, you get hypnotised by the celebrities on tele or in magazines who have been paid to lose weight into believing you will too. Not many will succeed, though if they were being paid for each pound lost then the success rate would be far higher.  It’s a lifestyle change you have to keep, unless you are happy visiting that social club for the weigh in with a curry and glass of wine after to celebrate losing half a pound.  It might be social but will you lose the weight being surrounded by yo yo dieters?  The lifestyle change is personal to you, being that you are not stupid and that you are not a dog, what can you do differently each day to make that change?  I personally stick with intermittent fasting not because I need to lose weight but because I love the energy and lightness that comes with it.  What will work for you?

6. Because you really want to.  Let’s face it, if you really wanted to lose weight and be the size you wanted to then you simply would do it.  What ‘s stopping you is that the desire for the crap food, baby comfort and doggie treats outweighs your desire to be your healthy ideal weight and size.  Your mind will fuel this with lies about lack of willpower and tempting illusions of the crap foods it wants a dopamine reward from you eating.  Time to shift desires from the lies to the truth about what you are really capable of.  A nice reminder is “if your child’s life depended on it, would you really fail reaching your goal or would you give in because cheap chocolate has that much power over you?”  We both know the answer don’t we, so let’s get that programming holding you back changed round and make 2013 the year you said “NO MORE CRAP!”  Life’s to short not to.

Contact me if you need some help to unwind doggy programming or wake you up!


Thanks to Dan Wooding for supplying a picture of one of his lovely dogs looking for a nice little treat.


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