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5 Truths about Personal Training

5th February 2014

 It’s easy to have the wrong idea about Personal Training so guest blogger Sam Foster from Miss Fit explains what PT can really be about.


What’s it really like working with a personal trainer? Being forced to exercise until you drop by an over enthusiastic fitness bod? Or could there be more to it.. Here are some facts about why personal training may not just shrink your waistline, but improve your sex life too!

 Someone who will listen and not judge

Sometimes it can be hard talking to close friends and family about the things that bother you. Being outside of this immediate circle, we are here to listen without judgement or bias. The benefit being you can enjoy a sense of getting things off your chest. Offloading your emotions before a workout can give you a huge sense of relief and lightness, making exercise feel more manageable and enjoyable.

A constant source of support

Week in week out, we are here to ensure that you are supported with any goals you may be setting yourself. If something hasn’t gone well that week, we’ll figure out why together and come up with a plan to help you succeed next time. There’s no need to be perfect, there is no pressure. We will get you there at a pace that feels right for you.

 Time for you

We are passionate about sending the message that the hour you have for your training session is all for you. Your partner, children, friends and colleagues receive so much of your attention and energy. Now’s the chance to think about number one, guilt free!  We’ll show you how to put yourself first.

 Feel energised and dissolve stress

Exercising outdoors does wonders for combating stress and depression, mainly because a change of scenery can really help clear your head and calm your body. But how many of us actually make time to step outside and breathe in the fresh air? We live in such a beautiful city, imagine how good you could feel taking a jog next to the ocean. And we’ll be right there to keep you company.

 Fitter people feel sexier

Exercising with a trainer can ensure you are working at the right intensity. Short bursts of high intensity exercise not only accelerates weight loss and fitness gains, it can bring about a rush of mood enhancing hormones. You’ll also feel more body confident which will lead to you feeling happier, healthier and sexier. Watch out partners, you’ve got a new glow about you! Grrrrr!

If this sounds like the lifestyle change you’ve been longing for, get in touch today. Miss Fit are a friendly and experienced team of 3 personal trainers, ready to enthuse and inspire you to live your life fitter. With a press up or two along the way of course….

You can contact Sam Foster at  Miss Fit Personal Training  or call 07876 764447

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